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My name is Reed Jones.
Developer and Technology Enthusiast.

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I love learning and am constantly exploring ways to improve what I do. Whether I'm playing with embedded devices in C and Assembly, making games and desktop applications in C# or building websites and trying to learn the JS Framework flavour of the week, I take pride in what I do and try to make everything run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  • Team Player
  • Self Motivated
  • Continuously Learning


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Past project I've done for fun and for clients


Phase Framework


Phase aims to make building Laravel backed Vue apps easier than ever. Its magic sauce comes in two flavours, first it generates a Vue-Router routes configuration from your routes/web.php, so you get an easy SPA experience out of the box, just by writing the Laravel you know and love. Second it has several small helper utilities available that allow you to store data into your Vuex state, right from the PHP code in your Laravel app.


  • Laravel
  • Vue
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Svelte Server

Svelte Server


This was a little experiment I hacked on over a weekend recently. It uses Rollup & Koa behind the scenes to give a developer an easy & fast environment for a Svelte project. It uses a file system based routing mechanism so you can create new pages just by saving a new file. It also uses on demand compilation, which basically means there is (nearly) no build step during development. The first visitor to the page will trigger the build, but only for that page, which means build times are pretty fast, and most users (all except the first) get the fully compiled assets anyways. It doesn't require any configuration to get started, and can run directly from npx so you don't even need a node_modules folder.


  • Svelte
  • Static Site Generator
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DiscoverMovies was my first project using the PHP framework Laravel. I made extensive use of TMDB's api in this project. My goal was for a movie exploration and discovery service. It was designed mobile first, but is fully responsive to accommodate larger devices. This project allows users to create accounts so that they can save a movie (or many) to their favourites list.


  • Laravel / PHP
  • API
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Valley Museum & Archive Society

Valley Museum & Archives


I built a custom website for the Valley Museum & Archives Society in McBride, B.C. This site was a custom WordPress theme combined with a matching Omeka theme.

The WordPress section was designed for the day to day operations of the museum, posting upcoming events, hours of operation, directions, etc.

The Omeka section was for archiving the museums collection online so that anyone interested can explore their artifacts and research the area's history.

This is the largest PHP project I've tackled. I faced many challenges integrating the two CMS's but I am very happy with the result.


  • WordPress
  • Omeka
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This started out as a school assignment, but I got a little carried away. Originally the assignment was to make a minesweeper clone written only in JavaScript. I took it to the next level by incorporating a fun desktop display, a scoreboard backed by a PostgreSQL database and PHP Backend and hosting the project so I could share it with the community. As it has grown in complexity, I have been refactoring old features and adding new ones with the help of jQuery.

I'm currently hosting this project on a virtual private server which has only 128MB RAM. I have learned a lot optimizing the software stack for such an environment.


  • JavaScript
  • Server Administration
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Maze Solver

Maze solver


Another school project, this is a C# desktop program which analyzes a maze and finds to correct way to the end. The maze must be an image file that uses black pixels for walls and white pixels for open paths. This project recursively tries to solve a maze. From a starting point, a line will wind its way through the maze testing each direction to see if its a viable path. If it finds a dead end, the line will return to the last option and try a different approach until either it runs out of options because the maze is unsolvable or it reaches the finish line.


  • Recursion
  • C#

Xbox 360 Controller Remapper

xbox controller


I wrote a utility library that detects which button on my wireless Xbox controller was pressed, then sends a keyboard command if desired. This allows me to use the controller as an input device for programs that have no controller support. At this point it only has a commandline interface but I have been working on a C# GUI for easy button remapping.


  • Command line
  • C++
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About me

A graduate of the Computer Engineering Technologies program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm looking forward to progressing my career as a developer, and helping people find solutions to their problems.

Cathedral in Leon, Nicaragua

Reed Jones


Growing up in a small town in BC, Canada, I spent most of my free time outside. After graduating High School, I spent a few years travelling. Living in New Zealand and Nicaragua were my two most life changing adventures. To pay for my travel habit, I would tree-plant in the summer or work on the Lake Louise World Cup Alpine Downhill Ski Race course in the winter. I also built myself a cabin. It’s still a work in progress, but it's got a roof and walls I made myself and I’m proud of it. Problem solving and exploring alternative solutions come naturally to me, I am always ready to try something new.

In 2017 I graduated from the Computer Engineering Technology program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta and maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout the course. Tree planting to a tech career might seem like a leap, but I know I am right where I belong. I’ve always been interested in technology. I can remember reading my dad’s HTML documentation, circa 1998, and installed my first operating system shortly after. I won the “The Biggest Geek” award at my year end tree planting party for always blasting tech podcasts while I worked.

Countries Visited
Trees Planted
About Me



Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Graduated 2017

Computer Engineering Technology

I enjoyed my time at NAIT, I learned so much in the two years I spent there. I'm proud to say my hard work earned a 4.0 GPA.

  • 4.0 GPA
  • Graduated Dec 2017

Work History

Valley Museum & Archive Society

2018 - Present


My role at pderas is always evolving, with interesting new challenges around every corner. I have built desktop applications using Electron, developed mobile apps that are deployed to both Google Play, and the Apple App store. Helped design database schemas, and built complex interactive user interfaces.

  • Laravel & Vue Development
  • Developing real time multi-user applications
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Mobile Applications

Nav Legal


Web Developer

I designed & developed several websites relating to the Nav Legal business.

  • Developed content & SEO strategy

Valley Museum & Archive Society

Summer 2016/2017

Technology Assistant

For the Valley Museum & Archives, I developed and designed a new website. I built a custom WordPress theme and integrated a matching Omeka theme to help showcase the museums artifacts. This included an interactive 360 degree view of collection pieces. Additionally I configured a network attached storage system with multiple access levels and wrote a program capable of connecting the users to the correct file shares dependent on permissions.

Lake Louise Alpine Ski World Cup

2010 - 2016

Safety Crew

I was part of the team responsible for installation and tear-down of the safety equipment for the World Cup Downhill Alpine Ski Race and Super-G. I was also responsible for maintaining sections of the race track, and reparations to the safety equipment in the event of an accident.

  • Install/Remove Safety Equipment
  • Maintain Racetrack Quality
  • Long Hours
  • Physically Demanding

Integrity Contracting

2012 - 2015

Tree Planter

Planting trees for Integrity Contracting was an amazing experience. I worked with some of the most unique and interesting people I have ever met. I value the friendships I made. I spent most days working unsupervised while meeting high quality standards and production. This required a high level of physical fitness, mental focus and problem solving.

  • Meet High Quality Expectations
  • High Level of Fitness
  • High Productivity While Working Independently
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